The Influence of Gov. Joe Lombardo in the Nevada State Legislature Elections

The Lombardo Machine and the Influence of Gov. Joe Lombardo Election season is officially underway for state legislators, and while Gov. Joe Lombardo is not up for reelection, his presence will undoubtedly be felt throughout this year's election cycle. Political observers believe that his influence could potentially impact the outcome of several races, ultimately determining whether he maintains veto power

Trump Warns of Potential “Bloodbath” if He Loses November Election

Trump Warns of Potential "Bloodbath" if He Loses November Election In a recent campaign rally in Ohio, former President Donald Trump made bold claims about the potential consequences of him losing the November election. Speaking on a windy airfield outside of Dayton, Trump expressed his concerns and warned of a possible "bloodbath" if he is not reelected. During the rally,

Uniting the Republican Party for Success and Conservative Values

Ohio Republican US Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno Has Special Message for GOP Members Who 'Don't Like' Trump Ohio Republican US Senate candidate Bernie Moreno recently delivered a special message to GOP members who may not be fond of former President Donald Trump. In a speech addressing the party's divisions, Moreno emphasized the importance of unity and finding common ground. Moreno
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